Frost Free Wall Hydrants


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LEGT550T-550 1/2 X 12 FROSTPROOF HOSE BIBBLogin for availability$38.30
LEGT5500705LEGEND 1/4 TURN FROST FREE HOSE BIBLogin for availabilityEA$41.30
LEGT550P1/2" X 12" PEX FROSTPRF HOSE BIBBLogin for availabilityCall to Order
LEGT550P8T-550 1/2 X 8 FROSTPROOF HOSE BIBLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
17C10MH17C-10 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availability$40.85
17C12MH17C-12 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availability$42.80
17C14MH17C-14 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availability$44.75
17C18MH17C-18 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availability$48.65
17C24MHWOODFORD WALL HYD 24" COPPER SWEATLogin for availabilityEA
17C6MH17C-6 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availabilityEA
17C8MH17C-8 CU/SW WALL FAUCETLogin for availability$38.90
17CM24MH17CM24 COMP/SWT WALL HYD 1/2" MHLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
17CP12MH17CP12 CU/FIP WALL HYD 1/2 MHLogin for availability$42.80
17CP20MHWOODFORD 17CP20MH 20" WALL HYDLogin for availabilityEA
17CP312MH17CP312 CU/FIP WALL HYD 3/4MHLogin for availabilityCall to Order
17P10MH17P-10 WALL FAUCET IPT MHLogin for availability$42.30
17P12MH17P-12 WALL FAUCET IPT MHLogin for availability$44.25
17P14MH17P-14 WALL FAUCET IPT MHLogin for availability$45.30
17P16MH17P-16 WALL FAUCET IPT MHLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
17P6MH17P-6MH 6" WOODFORD WALL FAUCETLogin for availabilityEACall to Order

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