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BAR5102CPBARCLAY STOPS 1/2COM X 1/2IPSLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
BAR5104BNBARCLAY STOPS 1/2 COM X 5/8 COMLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
BRABRPC1BC3/8'' PEX X 3/8'' ANGLE STOPLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
BRAR1700DVSRR1700DVS R 1/2 FIP X 3/8 X 1/4 COMPLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
CR11OCR11C 3/8COMPX3/8COMP ST STOPLogin for availabilityEA
CR1900DVSR1/2" COM X 3/8" X 1/4" COM DAUL STOP STLogin for availability
CR1900DVSXRLL1/2" CM X 3/8" X 1/4" CM DUAL STOP STLogin for availability$43.00
CR1900LC1CR1900LC DUAL STOP 1/2X3/8X1/4Login for availabilityEACall to Order
CR1901LRCCR1901LRC 1/2NX3/8ODX3/8OD COM-LEADEDLogin for availability
CR1901LRXC1LOW LEAD 1/2NX3/8ODX3/8OD COMLogin for availability$29.15
G2BRPX14C1/4 TURN PEX STOP - STRAIGHTLogin for availability
G2BRPX14XC1/4 TURN PEX STOP - STRAIGHTLogin for availability$11.60
G2BRPX19XC1/4 TURN PEX STOP - ANGLELogin for availability$10.95
G2CR09C1/2NX1/4OD COMP ANGLE STOPLogin for availabilityEA
G2CR09XC1/2NX1/4OD COMP STOP - ANGLELogin for availability$15.35
G2CR11C3/8COMX3/8COM STR STOP-LEADEDLogin for availability
G2CR11XC3/8COMX3/8COM STR STOPLogin for availability$35.50
G2CR14C1/2COMPX3/8COMP 1/4 STRLogin for availability
G2CR14XC1/2COMPX3/8COMP 1/4 STRLogin for availability$7.20
G2CR19C1/2COMPX3/8COMP 1/4 ANGLE STOPLogin for availability

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