Stop Valves


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G2CR19XC1/4 ANGLE STOP 1/2COMPX3/8COMPLogin for availability$6.65
G2PC14CPUSHCONNECT STRAIGHT STOPLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
G2PS14XCPUSHCONNECT STRAIGHT STOPLogin for availability$11.20
G2PS19XCPUSHCONNECT ANGLE STOPLogin for availability$10.85
G2R10CG2R10C 3/8IPX3/8COM STRAIGHTLogin for availability
G2R10XC3/8 IPX 3/8 COM STRAIGHTLogin for availability$15.75
G2R12C1/2FIPX3/8CMP 1/4 T STR CHLogin for availability
G2R12XC1/2 FIPX3/8 CMP 1/4T STR CHLogin for availability$15.75
G2R15CG2R15C 3/8IPX3/8COM ANGLESTOPLogin for availability
G2R15XC3/8IP X 3/8 COMP ANGLE STOPLogin for availability$15.05
G2R17CG2R17C 1/2IPX3/8COM ANGLE STOPLogin for availabilityEA
G2R17XC1/2IP X 3/8 COM ANGLE STOPLogin for availability$7.30
G2R37CG2R37C 1/2IPX1/2COM ANGLE STOP-LEADEDLogin for availabilityCall to Order
G2R37XC1/2IP X 1/2 COM ANGLE STOPLogin for availability$21.20
KTCR14CKTCR14C 1/2 COMP X 3/8 COMPLogin for availabilityEA
KTCR14XC1/2 COMP X 3/8 COMPLogin for availabilityCall to Order
KTCR1900DVRKTCR1900DV R 1/2X3/8X1/4 DST SIDE-LEADEDLogin for availabilityCall to Order
KTCR1900DVXR1/2 X 3/8 X 1/4 DST SIDELogin for availability$35.05
KTCR1901DVRKTCR1901DVS R 1/2X3/8X3/8 DST SIDELogin for availability

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