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PVCCMA15S130-15 1.5" PVC COMPUNION M PIPE TREADLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
P40UNT05SCH40 UNION 1/2 TXTLogin for availability$6.00
P40UNT07SCH40 UNION 3/4 TXTLogin for availability$8.25
P40UNT10SCH40 UNION 1 TXTLogin for availability$11.30
P40UNT12SCH40 UNION 1-1/4 TXTLogin for availability$19.40
P40UNT15SCH40 UNION 1-1/2 TXTLogin for availability$24.00
P40UNT20SCH40 UNION 2 TXTLogin for availability$29.45
P40UNT30SCH 40 UNION 3 TXTLogin for availabilityCall to Order

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