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P80C12SCH80 COUP 1-1/4 SXSLogin for availabilityCall to Order
P80C15SCH80 COUP 1-1/2 SXSLogin for availability$13.45
P80C1512SCH 80 BELL REDUCER 1 1/2 X 1 1/4Login for availabilityEACall to Order
P80C20SCH80 COUP 2 SXSLogin for availability$14.45
P80C60SPEARS SCH80 6 INCH COUPLINGLogin for availabilityCall to Order
P80CTT15SCH80 COUP 1-1/2 TXTLogin for availabilityCall to Order
P80CTT20SCH80 COUP 2 TXTLogin for availability$29.10
SPE829211SCH80 COUPLING 11/2X1 829-211Login for availabilityCall to Order
DPC12DROP PIPE CPLG 1-1/4 PVCLogin for availability$3.65
DPC15DROP PIPE CPLG 1-1/2 PVCLogin for availability$4.55
DPC20DROP PIPE CPLG 2 PVCLogin for availability$5.00

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