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BRT0172230 1/8 TEE-NLLogin for availabilityCall to Order
BRT0272230 1/4 TEE-NLLogin for availability$5.90
BRT0372230 3/8 TEE-NLLogin for availability$5.90
BRT0572230 1/2 TEE-NLLogin for availability$7.45
BRT0772230 3/4 TEE-NLLogin for availability$10.70
BRT070572230 3/4X1/2 RED TEE-NLLogin for availability$11.35
BRT071072230 3/4 X 1 TEE NL BRONZELogin for availabilityEACall to Order
BRT1072230 1 TEE-NLLogin for availability$19.05
BRT100572230 1X1/2 RED TEE -NLLogin for availability$23.40
BRT100772230 1X3/4 RED TEE-NLLogin for availability$23.40
BRT1272230 1 1/4 TEE-NLLogin for availability$26.70
BRT120772230 1 1/4X3/4 RED TEE -NLLogin for availability$33.00
BRT121072230 1 1/4X1 RED TEE-NLLogin for availability$33.00
BRT1572230 1 1/2 TEE-NLLogin for availability$32.20
BRT151272230 1 1/2X1 1/4 RED TEE -NLLogin for availability$45.30
BRT2072230 2 TEE-NLLogin for availability$54.40
BRT20072230 SERIES 2"X2" X 3/4" THREADED BRASSLogin for availabilityEA
BRT2015BRASS TEE 2X1-1/5Login for availabilityEA
BRT050272230 1/2 X 1/4 REDUCING TEELogin for availability$9.00

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