Male Cam Lock X Male Adapter


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NF07FLOW COUP F 3/4 MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$3.75
NF12FLOW COUP F 1-1/4 MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$3.85
AB07COUP QK ACTNG AL 3/4 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$8.10
AB10COUP QK ACTNG AL 1 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$9.90
AB12COUP QK ACTNG AL 1-1/4 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$12.00
AB15COUP QK ACTNG AL 1-1/2 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$11.60
AB20COUP QK ACTNG AL 2 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$14.55
AB30COUP QK ACTNG AL 3 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$23.10
AB40COUP QK ACTNG AL 4 PART B MTXFCLogin for availabilityEA$29.55
AE07ADPTR REINF AL 3/4 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$3.85
AE10ADPTR REINF AL 1 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$4.50
AE12ADPTR REINF AL 1-1/4 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$6.90
AE15ADPTR REINF AL 1-1/2 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$5.35
AE20ADPTR REINF AL 2 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$6.90
AE30ADPTR REINF AL 3 PART E IXMCLogin for availabilityEA$14.55
AE40ALUMINUM 4" TYPE E CAMLOCK INS X MPTLogin for availabilityEACall to Order
AF07ADPTR REINF AL 3/4 PART F MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$4.95
AF10ADPTR REINF AL 1 PART F MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$5.90
AF12ADPTR REINF AL 1-1/4 PART F MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$8.55
AF15ADPTR REINF AL 1-1/2 PART F MTXMCLogin for availabilityEA$6.10

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