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I, and the entity on behalf of which I am signing, if any, agree to pay my, and it’s, account in full each month, including any finance or service charges, in accordance with any and all invoices, statements, and bills received by me and/or the entity on behalf of which I am signing, in accordance with the terms stated herein, and those set forth in any such invoice, bill, or statement. Moreover, I and the entity on behalf of which I am signing, if any, agree to be jointly and severally liable for all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys fees as set by the court bearing jurisdiction over this credit application and agreement, in addition to any collection fees, amounting to not more than 40% of the outstanding balance, at any time paid or incurred by Mountain Supply Co., or any of its successors or assigns, in endeavoring to collect said indebtedness, liabilities and obligations, and in and about enforcing this, or any related instrument.

This agreement shall be binding upon the undersigned jointly and severally, and upon the heirs, legal representatives and assigns of the undersigned and each of them respectively, and shall inure to the benefit of Mountain Supply Co., its successors, legal representatives and assigns. The information and statements in this application are true and complete, and are made for the purpose of inducing Mountain Supply Co. to establish a line of credit. Mountain Supply Co. is hereby authorized to obtain any and all information which it considers necessary, from any source, concerning the undersigned, and the statements in this application.

Terms: All payments are due by the 10th of the month following statements. Maximum Finance Charges allowed by law will be applied to past due accounts. If full payment is not received by the 10th of the month following statements the account may be closed or placed on a cash only basis. 

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